I had an awesome day yesterday, I woke up in a great mood and the day just kept getting better! Yesterday proved to be extremely productive. There is certainly something to say about the power of feeling good. I started my day with a nice breakfast, music and one of my favourite tv shows. Then I got my health card renewed, I went shopping and I went out for lunch with some of my family.  I know that I got to have these enjoyable experiences because I had attracted them. By feeling good, I set off a domino effect that continued throughout the whole day. I got to connect with a few of my friends whom I haven't talked to in a long time which was very sweet!

One of my friends told me of his dad's health condition so I wondered how I could help them out. I thought about it for a while and then another friend of mine told me of a woman named Mimi Kirk. This woman is remarkably healthy and youthful for her age.  Stay tuned to find out more about Ms. Kirk and what she does to stay healthy and feel good!