Today, I was talking with a few people who reminded me of the importance of self love. These people were not trying to motivate or empower me, on the contrary, they seemed to be in a state of disempowerment. One person in particular, stuck out at me as someone who doesn't have a lot of love for himself. I have a great deal of compassion for said person, but at the same time,  conversation we had repelled me. I'm in no way saying this to hurt his feelings, and I'm not writing this post solely because of him.

My intention is to share the reminder of the importance of self love through this post. Self love is important any day, however, with Valentine's Day just around the corner, I feel that this reminder has perfect timing. Especially if you're like me; single, and not caring for the day dedicated to love, all that much.

The following video is actually what prompted me to write this post. It was one of the many self-love themed synchronicities that I had today. I listened to them, and here we are!

One thing that I've found that helps to promote and nurture love for ourselves within ourselves, is to be proud of what we have accomplished. I mentioned something of this in my last post: Coming Into My Own.

Lastly, you are more than welcome to share your achievements in the comments below.