I used to strongly dislike Valentine's Day because I felt that it was a reminder of all the reasons why I was pathetic and single. However, since this passed week I have been experiencing situations that are really calling into question the beliefs I have about myself. Allow me to explain about what I am talking about. 
As some of you know, I have been struggling with getting the assistance I require to achieve my goals. I am currently having to rely on my family members for 90% of my support..To make a long story short, I am experiencing a tricky situation which open the doors for my anxiety and self worth issues. I need a job to be able to afford to hire someone to assist me, though I need someone to assist me at wherever I am employed. 
I'm having trouble finding part time employment, so I decided to seriously start my coaching business. On the night that I made my decision, I found a place in Kitchener where I could rent and work. I was so thrilled about finding this space that I thought of, what I felt was a good, concrete plan of success. Though my ideas were not received as well as I had hoped.
Now, obstacles seem to be continuously piling up; one right after the other and the following question keeps presenting itself. "Am I good enough?" Though, I think the more important question is this: "how badly do I  want to achieve my goals and dreams?" I feel that the time has come for me to choose, if I am going to allow my fears to get in the way of my happiness and success. I "randomly" met Julie Wise at Chapters yesterday and  she just re-affirms my choice to follow my dreams.