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Last night I had a dream about two young lovers, who were both extremely powerful warriors. Sounds cool, right? Well, sort of, you see, whenever they were in physical, human forms, they would have to fight to the death. However, this warring duo was perfectly matched, and as a result, neither partner could kill their other half. The lovers were ultimately essence, which was what they called their immortal consciousness, therefore they couldn't actually die. So, to an outside observer who isn't me, the couple's deadly dance might seem rather futile.

I found that this dream particularly interesting, and I think that it's an allegory for my inner conflicts. I've come to this conclusion, partly because of what I experienced in my dream. I was observing the lovers from a third party point of view, almost as if I was watching them in a movie. However, I felt like I was part of the warring couple's disembodied consciousness, but at the same time, I was intrinsically connected to the female lover. I felt what she felt, and experienced what she experienced.

She loved her partner very much. She hated having to battle with him, but that was the only way the two could interact.

I think that my dream is reminding me of the various aspects of myself, (male and female, idealist and cynic, light and dark, etc.), and asking me to accept them.