My electric wheelchair came back today. Woot, right? It took months, though it’s finally here, so am I happy? Yes, I am, because I’m one step closer to my independence and freedom. It is just that my chair now has a button control system that in theory makes it easier to drive in spite of my muscle spasms. Currently, the chair experience is rather frustrating me – the reason being that the wheels turn when I’m not pressing the buttons to turn right or left, and as a result, I do not move in a straight line. So, I have decided to chronicle my experiences surrounding my wheelchair, to see what progress I make, if any.
Day One was very, very frustrating for me. My assessment went well, but when my family and I walked over to the voting station at an elementary school near my house, my wheelchair would not stay on the sidewalk. I got upset, my anxiety peaked, people were staring, and I just wanted to call it quits! I had enough. The whole ordeal was extremely stressful and embarrassing. It wasn’t what I expected at all, however, in a year or two; I will be eligible for a chair that will correct itself and drive in a straight line.  Hurray for that!!!