Sorry guys, I meant to post this yesterday, but I fell asleep before I could.
Day Two was a lot better than yesterday, because I knew what to expect. I spent three hours just driving around my neighbourhood, and it was a very surreal experience, but let me back up a bit.
My parents were taking care of my little niece and nephew today. My mum suggested that we could all go have lunch at the Wall Street Café, because it is within walking, (and rolling) distance from my house.  My wheelchair was being annoying, hella slow, and turning on its own again, however, it bothered me less this time because yesterday’s emotional adventures were still fresh in my mind.  Then, about an hour after we got home from the restaurant my worker came, and I drove around with her.
Being able to use my electric chair again, feels so surreal! I thought that my days of driving a powered wheelchair were long gone. I thought that my spasticity had robbed me of that ability, and I forgot how good it feels to not need to rely on other people to get me from A to B.
My goal of having a successful and independent life suddenly does not seem so distant – I feel like I’m going to meet it sometime soon.