"I believe in myself"
I have been feeling off for a few days and I revisited some of my thought patterns though I need to get back track. I feel like when my energy is really low, my doubts and uncertainties trickle into my thoughts. If I am not diligent and careful about what I am thinking, I find it real easy to slip back into some of my old thought patterns. This is despite having repeatedly proven to myself that I am mastering the art of manifestation. For instance, I was talking with my friend Norma yesterday, about our mutual friend about Carmelita and her yummy excellent food. Even as I was saying this, I was thinking about Carm’s noodles and that evening, Carm came and brought me some of her great noodles and spring rolls! I am finding that it is getting much easier and faster to consciously manifesting whatever I want. I just thought about having the noodles and I received some! J

Today, I feel a whole lot better and more myself! I believe in myself. I know I am going to have the life I want. I know that the gentle, loving soul relationship that I’ve been dreaming of is just around the corner. I know that I will be very happy and successful in my career. I know that I am going to make the election video. I did a lot of work on it yesterday. I was second guessing myself though today I will post the casting note and all will work out great! I know that whatever I set out to achieve in my life, I will succeed because I believe.