I started writing this post on the 5th and I was very excited. I was so pumped about actualizing my resolutions this year though lately, I haven't been in the greatest states of mind. My anxiety has been acting up and making  me feel like crap. These are the times when all I want is to shut out the world and do nothing but wallow. Then I get mad at myself for being so unproductive during my down moods. I feel like every time I get anxious, all the work I've done on myself just goes out the window though getting irritated does not give me the motivation to achieve my new year's resolutions.
Having anxiety is extremely frustrating though fighting against it, is not the answer. The key I think is to let things flow. A friend of mine suggested that I should focus on the things I want in life. He said; a) see what you want to accomplish in your mind as vividly as you can. b) Set concrete goals for yourself that you feel you can  do. c) Think big and have fun! If you are not feeling good about what you are coming up with, change it until your heart's content. My friend recommended I follow these steps to help me deal with my anxiety. 
Even though I already knew the principles of the law of attraction, I am thankful that my friend reminded of them. I will start to consciously implement them in my life again.