This entry was written on September 27th, 2010

“Riding the flow”
 I started this blog last night and never completed it. I am glad that I didn’t finish because I experienced synchronicity again this morning, which I shall come to in a moment. I want to tell the whole story from the beginning.

The tale begins last Friday, the 24th, when my parents and I went to the Mandarin and during our meal I had a flash. I saw myself having a business meeting while eating dinner in a restaurant that reminded me of the Mandarin. My colleagues’ energies felt similar to Emmanuel’s and the energy of the other members on the Our Wish team. Then the flash ended and I was back with my parents. I told my mum that I was going to have a business meeting in a restaurant like the Mandarin. Then at the end of our meal, we each had a fortune cookie. My mum was about to give me her cookie though I didn’t let her because I always know what fortune cookie I am meant to have. When I picked my fortune cookie it read, “Today is built on yesterday’s dreams”.

My fortune is so true and highly fortuitous because two things happened this morning.  A) I received an email from about how to get your resume noticed; as no one has viewed it yet. B) On Friday, I had expressed the interest in joining a committee for people with disabilities and then today, a teacher that I had, emailed an application for an accessibility advisory committee.

The morals of the story are to pay attention to the synchronicities in your life and to TRUST and follow your intuition.