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Today was seriously freaking awesome! Nothing really big happened, it was just a lot of little things that made my day. I got to wear my new outfit, which I'm definitely loving! I bought it yesterday at RW & CO, and the employee who assisted me find my outfit was really helpful. She spoke to me, and not my dad, which is always cool! Plus, she understood me!

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I took my parents and younger brother out to Milestones for brunch. I had Strawberry French Toast, and oh my gosh guys, it was DELICIOUS! Our waitress was pretty awesome too. She asked me what I wanted, and I told her, without needing my parents to clarify my order. The other staff who saw to my family and I were very helpful like our waitress. All in all, today was so freaking awesome! I felt special. I felt normal and like myself, and this is exactly how I felt when I was in Banff!