I am being presented with a few really awesome opportunities and some major, "life-altering" decisions right now...well, actually there are truly only two things to decide. However, let me back up a bit, and tell you this tale properly.

This past Tuesday, I wore my "lucky" Wicked t-shirt whilst messing around online. I was chatting and whatnot when I met a guy who turned out to be a publisher from Lethbridge, Alberta! Not only has he made me my own site, but he has offered to help me publish Starkeeper, achieve my goals, and do some FREAKING SWEET stuff! I'm super glad and GRATEFUL to have met him, but my doubts and fears surrounding my vulnerability have been triggered. Therefore, the first thing that I am deciding to do is not be controlled by my fears. The other decision I'm making is to trust myself even when people advise me to do the opposite. I must faith that my intuition will protect me and guide me along the right paths in this publishing adventure, moving out and whatever adventures the future might bring.

Oh, and on the subject of moving out, it looks like I'll be going to Toronto after all! Everything seems to finally be falling into place!