Before I was certain of how much it would cost to hire the comic artist, I had a dream. I dreamt that for my dad's birthday, my mum bought him stuff from an electrician store. She bought me a circuit board with incandescent light bulbs attached to it at the same time. She told me that its objective was for me to turn the lights on and off with my mind.

"Just like in Fringe!" I announced.

Mum figured that this would be very hard for me to do, so then I thought to myself that it'd be hard, but not impossible.

I think the point of this dream is to say, "hey, getting the money you need may be hard, but it isn't impossible." Also, perseverance seems to be a common theme in my dreams lately.

Starkeeper is very important to me, and I truly believe the quote in the picture. ==>
One way or another, I will get the money and the resources to make Starkeeper a success!