Okay, it's time to write this down! Last Monday, I began to have stomach problems, which wasn't really a new experience for me, but when I did not stop puking, I called my parents.

We went back to C-bridge, and I ended up going to the hospital. I felt a bit better on Thursday, the pain moved down to my balls, though I wasn't too worried about it. I thought that it would pass. HOWEVER, it didn't.

I am going to say this next part, rather bluntly, so fair warning!

My right testicle twisted itself, choking off its blood flow. This led to my testicle swelling up and dying, and so, on Saturday,  I had to have an emergency surgery to remove the deceased one, and stabilize the other.

The pain is pretty intense, but I'll get through this, somehow! I will work through this, because as much as I joke about losing a ball, it is an odd experience to come to terms with, ya know?! Plus, it has opened the door to a whole slew of questions!!

I don't know if I should even make this particular post, public!