"Where should I sit? What outfit should I wear today? Paper or plastic? Do you want fries with that? "Decisions are everywhere. Some are quick and easy to make, others are not. Life is full of decisions and a lot of people including myself, sometimes make them out of obligation. We feel that we have no other options than bad ones, though is this really so?
I put a fair bit of effort into building a self hosted website from WordPress so that Remembering Our Potential could have its own domain. That is pretty well all I have done for the past two days though the thing is; I'm not terribly happy with the site. Is my Wordpress blog worth me keeping? It may help me get more leads and prospects which are imperative to a successful internet marketing venture. After much deliberation, I have decided to keep the website and use this site to concentrate on my blog. I've come to conclusion that it's better all around to make a decision that I feel good about. I made the decision not to solely use something that I wasn't totally passionate about. What is your decision?