You might have noticed that I haven't written anything new on here for awhile. This is because I have been more than a little stressed about the apparent lack of success that I am experiencing in my life right now. I am 21 years old and I am trying to manifest success in my professional and personal lives. It's very frustrating for me that I am still stuck at home and I don't know how to positively affect the results. However, I do know how to do this though I often subconsciously pass it off as irrational. Though really, how rational is continuing to do things that honestly do not make you happy?

You are at your fullest potential when you are in the flow and doing the things that you love. A good friend of mine once talked about the emotional guidance system that each one of us has. This system is basically our intuition or our heart's voice advising us along the paths we walk through life. So may we remember that next time our hearts whisper to us, listen to it because our hearts will never lead us in the wrong direction.