I intended to write this post on Monday, and even though I knew what I wanted to say, it just wasn't working out. I wasn't in flow. I spent all day looking for the right pic for this post, and then it just got worse from there. Everything was so clear in my head at the beginning of the day, however, as the day progressed, my thoughts became more muddled.

I had this realization that I was still identifying with my story of limitations. I am still very attached to the idea of being a guy who can't do anything because of the obstacles caused by his particular physical disability. However, my rational mind is aware that my obstacles are just that, and are not insurmountable. I thought that I had released this "I can't ____ because of my disability," belief system a few times, if not more. Apparently though, I haven't, because it keeps reappearing and becoming an issue. I find this a tad frustrating because I know that things will be easier when I am passed the idea that I am a guy who cannot achieve his goals, and lead a fulfilling life because of his physical disability. Though, I don't know how to move beyond this for good.

P.S. Does anyone have any good ideas or suggestions that I could try?