Hey, I don't know about you, but I thought that yesterday was AWESOME! I had a really sweet day! I felt good and energized, and I got a lot done. I'm definitely feeling and loving the new energies that yesterday brought!

My new OT came to start helping me look into getting the various equipment I need to move out, so that was exciting. I was a little stressed about it for a bit there, but now, I am really glad that things are beginning to come together.

I finally feel like things are flowing for me, which is cool because I was feeling like I wasn't accomplishing anything. I managed to finish most of the editing of my new vlog yesterday.

I almost gave up on it, and didn't want to upload it onto YouTube because the editing process frustrated me. Plus, the animation in my vlog isn't super amazing. However, when I saw Leija's video about being yourself, I was inspired to complete mine.


In other news, a couple people on LinkedIn suggested that I start making mini web-comics to build up a following and some credibility, in order to improve my chances of attracting a publisher. I really love this idea because when I was working on Starkeeper, I felt like I was sufficiently expressing my creativity, and actually achieving something, so it stands to reason that I'll have similar feelings with other projects.